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)The Society for Research in Adolescence is forming friends to look at the time 18 to 29 and also the lives of people such as Biegel. The lesser group's organizer, Jeffrey Arnett, has discarded the definition of adolescence for "emerging adulthood. " Arnett, the University of Maryland psychology professor, argues it is mindless to call young people of their late teens and twenties adolescents or simply late adolescents. "None in this remains normative when you are 18. "Arnett argues that society needs a better idea of exactly what it methods for be a teenager plus an adult. The MacArthur Foundation's Transitions to Adulthood project aims to come up with new descriptions. "We're getting ready to ask the questions of when adulthood starts, why it starts if it does and in what ways the timing of adulthood has evolved," says sociologist Furstenberg, which will direct the investigation.

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